Xclusive Cakes & Sugar Art School
...are simply beautiful

Our Courses


Butter Decorating
Sugar Flowers
Basic & Advanced Sugarcraft
Basic & Advanced Modelling
Dessert cakes (coming soon)

Our Location

14, Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Ikeja 
(by JK pharmacy), Lagos
 (100282), Nigeria.

contact us

  • 01 3425385 
  • 08027470870 
  • 08034424407 

Opening hours 9.00am - 5.00pm Weekdays 

Welcome to our website

Ours is a story of passion, creativity and professionalism all working together in synergy; to create the entity known as Xclusive Cakes.

Our Celebration Cakes

Freshly baked premium

quality cakes, made from scratch. Extraordinarily designed to create an edible masterpiece. 



Our Qualifications
Professional training in the field of food technology and engineering, coupled with years of experience/talent in baking, cake designs and decorating.


Our Cake Toppers
Fabulous handcrafted 3D sugar sculptures, 2D sugar plaques, sugar flowers -all made from sugar (gumpaste).

Our Core Values
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Creativity

Our Trainings

All inclusive and intensive trainings. Aimed at helping others to improve their skills and master the art of baking and decorating. 

 Our dream is to raise "intelligent cake bakers & decorators". With our sugar art school providing all that is required (tools, equipment, materials and resources), we offer a convenient and conducive learning platform. No need to bring anything along, even a pen!